Vinarija TROST


Respected visitors, these wine drops have been made just for You, with the desire to satisfy the most tender palate and senses. You will experience absolute delight when letting the wine drops play in your mouth.

Your senses will then tell all about our wine. Both your affirmation and congratulations are a big reward to us. Thank you for that.

After high quality grapes are being produced, they need to be processed in the shortest period possible and fermented under a certain and strictly controlled temperature in the plant. This is the base for the maturation and cultivation of wine.

The wooden barrels add to the wine a touch of the Slavonian and French oak, the wine rounds up, caramelizes naturally lowering the tannings. After maturing, the wine is being bottled because it is the only then that it has deserved its bottle and therefore ready to visit you.

Wellcome to TROST Winery website. Cheers!